Is derived from two Latin words: sus which means 'up' and tenere which means 'to hold'. It is, almost literally, about holding up human existence. Our mandate is to build zero carbon footprint structures which are in fact energy positive


Every green home's primary aim is to enhance the comfort & well-being of the residents. Focussing on cross ventilation, better air quality & using low volatile organic compound materials like paints, solvents & adhesives improves     occupant    health


Solar PV, thermal & biomass based renewable energy sources onsite will power external building needs. Energy efficiency through enhanced day - lighting, thermochromic glass & LED lighting will help dramatically cut down your utility bill


We consciously strive to use recycled materials, certified wood & non-hazardous substances every time we build. Conservation through rainwater harvesting, waste water treatment & water efficient plumbing fixtures remains a  top design priority

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Whilst the company was established in 2013, the Directors have deep domain multidisciplinary experience spanning real estate development, architecture, engineering solutions, brokerage, financial services & facilities management. Needless to add, we're passionate about building sustainable green developments in Bengaluru! We not only strive to optimally use our planet's scarce resources, but also enhance our residents' quality of life and the economic value of their assets through each and every one of our projects.

Our Mission

To make a meaningfully positive difference to the work - life experience of our residents by delivering value-for- money environmentally friendly sustainable real estate projects in an ethical & timely manner.


Our Chairman Syed Faisal Rizvi joined the governing body of CREDAI in 2006 and has served two terms as Joint Secretary.      He currently serves as Member of the Governing Body, Chairman of Expo Committee and Co Chairman of Labor Committee. He has been awarded by two Chief Ministers’ and the Home Minister of Karnataka.



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Mr R Sundaram

Mr R Sundaram

President, SAPL

SAPL is one of the most reputed and largest multi-faceted architectural and engineering consultancy firms in India. The firm was established in 1988 by Mr. R. Sundaram, a pioneer responsible for creating several landmarks in the country. However, services in architectural and structural designing were being provided by him and his team since 1963, soon after he graduated from MIT, USA. Thereafter, the firm has been growing constantly, gaining strength, and attaining an undis-puted leadership position today. Innovative outlook, combined with world-class practices, has resulted in state-of-the-art architectural wonders across the world.
A few key positions which he holds:
- President of Structural Engineers World Congress (SEWC) Inc.
- Visiting Professor - University of Venice.
- Permanent member of the prestigious International Advisory Board of International Association for Shell & Spatial Structures (IASS), Madrid.


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Sustainability is derived from two Latin words: sus which means 'up' and tenere which means 'to hold'. It is, almost literally, about holding up human existence.

The Brundtland Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development highlighted that sustainable development is 'a process of change in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are made consistent with future as well as present needs'.


When you enter your house, pleasant lighting comes on, the blinds go up depending on the ambient lighting in the room. The system selects your favourite music, movie, or TV channel. You no longer need to be surprised by guests just press a button to change the 'feel' of the room to 'party' or 'guest visit'.

When you leave your house, after you've turned your key, the alarm system goes on, the external blinds close, temperature control switches off, and all lamps and appliances switch off automatically. Nobody is at home, so why use up costly energy. All systems controlling lighting, aircon, blinds etc should function together, cooperate, communicate, to better serve You. They should increase your comfort and security, lead to energy savings and enable any changes and expansion in accordance with the changing needs of the users. That's why our goal is the integration of electric devices through SMARTHomes.

Lighting and security systems, media control devices and computers, the telephone and the air-conditioning... You can control all these via a keyboard, a remote control ... or even your own voice. You can monitor everything via the television screen in any room or via telephone from any given place. Anytime you want, anywhere you are in your room, the car, or the office. Our aim is to focus on your well being, and to make your home or office an intelligent one which is responsive to your needs.


The India Macro Story is Turning +ve

IMF and World Bank unequivocally consider India to be the shining beacon of growth for the 2015-19 period out of all the large economies. The new Govt under PM Modi is making sweeping reforms which are aiding the FDI flows – especially into real estate. This boost in FDI is happening courtesy lower ceilings on investments (now at $5m), smaller project sizes (at 20,000 sq m) and nominal holding periods (3 years) with full repatriation of proceeds taxed at a lower (20%) rate as well.
Globally lower commodity prices are also positively impacting India – 52% of whose import bill is oil driven. This has not only lowered inflation onshore, but has also improved the current account deficit. As a result, India has been lowering interest rates, which is further boosting individual and corporate borrowing (mortgage) capacity. Relaxations in FDI limits in 13 key sectors including aviation, retail, insurance, telecom, etc. will further open up FDI.
Besides other positives, a key takeaway from the 2015 budget was that 100,000 kms of roads will be built and GST is also being streamlined across India. The Indian middle class is expected to swell by 67% from the 160 million individuals in 2011 to 267 million people in 2016, as per the National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER). By 2030, Mumbai will have more people than Canada. The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2012 (LARR), was approved by the Parliament in September 2013. This is aimed at providing fair monetary compensation, rehabilitation and resettlement to both the land owners and people dependent on land, especially rural land, by replacing the archaic Land Acquisition Act of 1894.
Also in the pipeline is the Real Estate Regulatory Bill which promises to provide a uniform regulatory framework that will espouse transparency and compliance from the developer community, which is till now either self-regulated or working on best practices principles. Once the Bill is passed, the Judiciary will mandate setting of a 'Real Estate Regulatory Authority' in each State to deal with buyer grievances & malpractices. Provisions include mandatory registration of projects, developers and brokers, setting up of project specific escrow accounts, provision of all necessary project related information etc.
Why Bengaluru?
With the highest decadal growth in population of 49% across all major Indian cities from 2001-11 as well as being voted India’s best city to live in by Mercer, Bengaluru is well on its way to becoming the richest city in India by 2030. Projected GDP/Capita will be 15% higher than Delhi, and 25% higher than Mumbai by then (McKinsey).
Moreover, with a residential CAGR of absorption of 27% from 2011-15, the city is firmly in the Top 3 in India attracting real estate investments. 20% of this absorption is happening in North Bangalore, where the number of people employed is expected to go up by 80,000 is the next 5 years (Vestian Research). With the airport all set to becoming an Aerotropolis by 2030, we expect the prices of land and mid-segment properties in North Bangalore to continue to show significant upticks in the 15-20% range per annum. NCR is expected to generate maximum demand of nearly778,000 housing units between 2013-2017 in the MIG and HIG category. Bengaluru will be the second highest demand generator with a requirement of nearly 413,000 units.
Top 8 cities are likely to witness a total office supply of nearly 143 msf over 2013-2017. Bengaluru is likely to witness the highest demand during the period with total estimated net absorption of 32.4 msf by 2017, followed by Mumbai and NCR (Knight Frank estimates 37 msf absorption by Bengaluru).
Our Chairman Syed Faisal Rizvi is a long standing contributor to the welfare of those in need, particularly in Bangalore. He is the President of a Bengaluru based NGO working for children. Our Director Ricky Husaini has also contributed to orphanages and educational efforts globally, and has impacted over 100,000 lives in his role of a start-up team member of 3 international charities.
United’s focus on the CSR front going forward will be on sustainability and education imperatives impacting the lives of Bengulurians.


We believe our first responsibility is towards our Clients. We must meet their requirements with projects & services of the highest quality delivered consistently with a smile.

We will experiment with new ideas, new technologies & launch uniquely sustainable developments.

We will be innovative in the use of active & passive design to meaningfully impact the lives of our residents.

We will adopt sound financial practices and create adequate reserves for adverse times.

Our team will be free to voice their ideas and opinions. There will be an equal opportunity for employment, skill set development and career advancement for those who not only perform, but have the right attitude & company’s interest in mind.

We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources at all times.

We will also endeavour to maximise the use of renewable energy and environmentally friendly advanced materials wherever possible.

We will be responsible corporate citizens by actively supporting charities we admire.

We believe our final responsibility is towards our shareholders and investors as business must make a profit.


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