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We believe in sustainable developments

Sustainability is derived from two Latin words: sus which means 'up' and tenere which means 'to hold'. It is, almost literally, about holding up human existence.
The Brundtland Report of the World Commission on Environment and Developmenthighlighted that sustainable development is 'a process of change in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are made consistent with future as well as present needs'.

About Us

Whilst the company was established in 2013, the Directors have deep domain multidisciplinary experience spanning real estate development, architecture, engineering solutions, brokerage, financial services & facilities management. Needless to add, we're passionate about building sustainable green developments in Bengaluru! We not only strive to optimally use our planet's scarce resources, but also enhance our residents' quality of life and the economic value of their assets through each and every one of our projects.

To make a meaningfully positive difference to the work - life experience of our residents by delivering value-for- money environmentally friendly sustainable real estate projects in an ethical & timely manner.
Our Chairman Syed Faisal Rizvi joined the governing body of CREDAI in 2006 and has served two terms as Joint Secretary. He has also served as Member of the Governing Body, Chairman of Expo Committee and Co Chairman of Labor Committee. He has been awarded by two Chief Ministers’ and the Home Minister of Karnataka. Recently he was recognised by President of India.
We believe our first responsibility is towards our Clients. We must meet their requirements with projects & services of the highest quality delivered consistently with a smile. We will experiment with new ideas, new technologies & launch uniquely sustainable developments. We will be innovative in the use of active & passive design to meaningfully impact the lives of our residents. We will adopt sound financial practices and create adequate reserves for adverse times. Our team will be free to voice their ideas and opinions. There will be an equal opportunity for employment, skill set development and career advancement for those who not only perform, but have the right attitude & company’s interest in mind. We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources at all times. We will also endeavour to maximise the use of renewable energy and environmentally friendly advanced materials wherever possible. We will be responsible corporate citizens by actively supporting charities we admire. We believe our final responsibility is towards our shareholders and investors as business must make a profit.
Our Chairman Syed Faisal Rizvi is a long standing contributor to the welfare of those in need, particularly in Bangalore. He is the President of a Bengaluru based NGO working for children. Our Director Ricky Husaini has also contributed to orphanages and educational efforts globally, and has impacted over 100,000 lives in his role of a start-up team member of 3 international charities. United’s focus on the CSR front going forward will be on sustainability and education imperatives impacting the lives of Bengulurians.

Founding Team Behind
United Sustainable Developments

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Syed Faisal Rizvi

Chairman & Managing Director

Trained at the prestigious National Defence Academy, Pune, Faisal left the Army courtesy a medical condition to start the Canopy Group in 1996 and built it into a successful Real Estate Development Group. He has delivered affordable, good quality projects in excess of 2 million sq ft, with 3,000 plus satisfied clients. Faisal joined the governing body of CREDAI in 2006 and has served two terms as Joint Secretary. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Expo Committee and Co-Chairman of the Labor Committee. He has been awarded by two Chief Ministers and the Home Minister of Karnataka.

Specialist Advisor

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Our Projects

United Golf View

Artist's Impression of the entrance

Nestled amidst the mesmerising charm of Nandi hills, United Golf View offers premium plotted developments designed for sustainable living, with a vibrant space for you to create your dream home. United Golf View welcomes you to sustainable assets with luxury conveniences that make your life more rewarding in all possible ways.


Armed Forces Enclave

Premium Green Villas

A Premium Enclave inside United Golf View is a paradise for the men and women in Greens, Whites and Blues. A dream home with a landscaped garden and private terraces for a complete living experience. We make sure you get a greener space to create just the home you want at Armed Forces Enclave.

uniforce armed force enclave

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